I was the Executive Editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine and a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair, Allure, and Parade magazines. My work has appeared in Travel+Leisure, OUT, The Daily Beast, Marie Claire, Elle, and Grazia USA. My two memoirs, Mississippi Sissy and I Left It on the Mountain, were New York Times bestsellers. My long career as a writer who not only so often wrote about celebrity, but also helped create the construct of the concept itself has led me here to Substack where I am now creating a community that requires of me a keenness of observation I have honed over those years and demands of me that I keep finding ways to write a sentence not only with flair but with, yes, mindfulness. Welcome.

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Kevin Sessums was a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair. His memoirs Mississippi Sissy and I Left It on the Mountain were NY Times bestsellers.